Friday, February 09, 2007

Physics of Mentality in a Mental Planet

There are loads of triggers & stimulations
that continously & simultanously bug my patience.
But I suspect my recent impatience is in no way
in connection with them but somehow related to
my "patience contraction" due to the freezing winter days.
There must be a relationship, musn't it??


mariamusic said...

Hi Dr. O2,

It sure is if your patient is made up of metal, but if it is made up of H2O, most probably cold would increase it's mass. (funny as heat would do the same)

Hope you're not freezing. :-)


Hydra said...

You first imply a connection with triggers, just to deny it at the end. I'd say you're confused, bro. ;)

Molly said...

Connection, I'm sure. Can we all just vote on global warming and get it started? It may be a huge help in this case.

(Ignore the Molly, it's Livewire)

David said...
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David said...

Its really cold here too! I'm feeling tired of being couped up inside! I am impatient for the coming of Spring!

mariamusic said...

Tell me about it David.

Foulla said...

nice new look..
and I do believe in thinking, but most of all, I believe in you.
Keep up!

mariamusic said...

thanks for the new look Dr. O2

I like this one much better than the previous one.

sima said...

hello honey;its so nice

sima said...

rasti farsi baladi?
natoonestam beram 2 profilet?

David said...

Are you dreaming of beautiful women in a tropical paradise? ;) I understand that Tahiti was once that way. Once a sailor landed, it was very difficult to get him back on the boat! :)

sima said...

salam omid jan
man daram zaban yad migiram va bloget hesabi komakam mikone
bazam be man sar bezan

deci said...

I think it is better u reset urself