Monday, January 08, 2007

A 5 Star Confession

1. The One should be defined as an educated girl who knows
English perfectly alongside French
& be from an acceptable family class.
Not to mention not being too short &
not so challenging & looking for a two-person lead.

2. My religion has no prophets without Roger Waters.
My life's so empty without decent music.

3. The newly defined religions are to be avoided
as they have become a source of division & pain.

4. Ain't boys lame when they boast about their manhood honours & girls when they try to attract guys with their girlish words & tricks?

5. Accept this victim's advice; Nobody's worth being valued
more than his/her worth.

Thanks to my good friend, the honorable Foulla for this tag.
I would like to pass it on to David, Maryam, Yabco & Jarvenpa.


Foulla said...

for your number 1, too bad, I'm already taken;))))

for the rest...well, I guess that's why i feel so good her.

Thank you for playing the game.

Foulla said...

I feel so good HERE not her...

jarvenpa said...

Ah, too bad foulla is already taken! Thanks for tagging me--I was tagged with this meme before and answered on my "jarvenpa's notebooks" blog (the one where I fall into a lot of list making and such; obviously I have a divided personality). But I will consider if there are 5 new/other things unknown that I can reveal.

David said...

Hmmm, I think there must be a target painted on me somewhere! My friend Khodadad is playing Tag with me too. ;) Well, I made a list in late 2005, perhaps it is time once again.

Have you considered looking for The One in France? After your military servitude, maybe you should indulge yourself with a European excursion! :)

LiVEwiRe said...

I suppose the tricky part with number five then is finding out how to determine that worth, eh? Considering David's idea of France, the exchange rate for 'worth' may be beneficial there. ;)

mariamusic said...

Thanks Dr O2,
What is tagging though?

Interesting how we make friends through internet, isn't it?

Regarding your #1 confession, don't you think you may stay single for a long long time to find her, the one?

mariamusic said...

I always thought French people weren't good at English David. Was I wrong?

David said...

Mariam, I'm not sure I can help much with your question. I have only met one person from France. He was an exchange student to my university and his English was quite good.

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

#5: The same can be said for being "under-valued". Nice one, Doc!

Dr O2 said...

Foulla - Alas :-) lol. Language is so important for me not because of communicating reasons but for their cultural aspects.

My pleasure.

Jarvenpa - :-) tnx Jarvenpa. Will be looking forward for it.

David - lol that target thing was hillarious! well I guess I should be aiming for Canadians ;-) or perhaps my country-women with such skills which is not that rare these days.

LW - well it is hard but one always knows when he or she is doing something very big for others ;-)

Mariam - Well I have considered it a lot! & the result is that, I prefer to stay single rather than devoting my life to someone whom I might not find adequate ;-)

Just post in 5 of the things people might not know abt you :-)

Chitty - I always find your comments so in accord with my inner thoughts. The thing is I rather say matters from the opposite angle of which I have in mind ;-)

mariamusic said...

My experience with French people is related to my stay in Paris. So, oh well, or as darn as some would say, I have nothing to prove French People do not know English!

mariamusic said...

Good on ya doc.
I hope you still remember me when you meet your adequate one.


Orhan Kahn said...

Amused to Death & The Wall are two of my most favourite albums.