Friday, December 15, 2006


There is a hole in my sole I run to, often
Booby trapped inch by inch for the unexpected visitors.
Even an anti-god-vision system's installed, to ensure total privacy.
For there are moments where the monkey needs to
think, regret & shed more than just a few tears.
Solitude, silence & total detachment...


David said...

I have had more than my share of depression! I hope your melancholy will lift soon and be replaced with some well earned joy. From my own experience, these are the times that you know who your friends really are!

Anonymous said...

hang in there!
Te penso...

Kimia said...

Tomorrow is another day :)

jarvenpa said...

This time of the year is particularly challenging for me as well. Maybe we are meant to turn inward as the days grow shorter and shorter.
I send you good energy, and will think of you as I light some candles here.

Dr O2 said...

david - depression has become a part of me for some months now & the bad thing abt is that I sometimes enjoy it :-S maybe I spend too much eneregy in between my depression sessions, this acts as a recharging period for my soul. :-)

Foulla - tnx buddy. c'est le service militaire qui me fait desespere.

Kimia - my tomorrow is a bit long this time but it shall certainly come & I'll be waiting for it.

Jarvenpa - tnx so much. so kind of you :-)
I agree. In this season, perhaps our souls hybernate for another energetic session to come.