Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Your mamma's got you a 54-color-pencil pack?

I will have to buy me a guide-dog, black shades
& a white convertible cane to match my color-blind cover.
Then with the cane I can Morse an SOS to
the unknown endoteressial creatures to get rid of
the ever-color-changing monsters on this planet.
Look buddy;
I like the black,
Don't mind the white,
In fact I don't resent the unicolor at all.
Yet tolerating the Zebras of rainbow stripes,
proves to be out of my powers dude.
Now will that make me a racist to some extent or what?


David said...

I guess you wont be joining the Rev. Jessie Jackson's Rainbow Coalition then, eh? ;)

Suraya said...

Why don't we all make friends with aliens instead?

mariamusic said...

Hello dr O2,
Iranian living only in Iran could become the most racist as they rarely are able to meet other races.
This is how it used to be unless other races have immigrated recently to Iran. Have they?


starry nights said...

You were given a pack of 54 colors so you will have many to choose from.cannot be racist with 54 colors.

Dr O2 said...

Anyone who does not tend to change color continously is fine! be it ants ;-) I am so sick n tired of all these people who seem to change every single time you see them, not being able to extinguish their true charecter!

mariamusic said...

you can hardly help it to not change color when you spend lots of time under sunlight unless fully covered with your chador on.

Hydra said...

I think changing color could be very adaptive at times. But making that your personality style or hobby is one different thing.

Race is not a natural phenomenon. It's something people have made up to differentiate among themselves.

Dr O2 said...

mariamusic - lol! well yeah I didn have that in mind!!

hydra - sometimes the face is one color while the back is reflecting a whole diff color!!

Nyx said...

believe me, wearing the chador is a fine way of showing off just one color... while underneath, heavens know what you'll find.

David said...

I don't particularly like people whose personality is unpredictable. My own father is that way. I have felt that he could not be trusted for many years. Those feelings have generalized to all others who behave in the same way. However, I offer this word of caution. Make sure if is the people who are changing and not your own perceptions of their behavior. Our own emotions are the most powerful set of colored pencils that we will ever have!

jarvenpa said...

I have a lovely inner image of monsters who are waiting beneath the surface of the earth for poetic messages in Morse code from our doctor.
Then they will come, grab various of his 54 pencils, and write poems everywhere.
In many colors.
And the good doctor will find it, eventually, rather fun.

David said...

I think I will clarify my last comment a bit. None of us are perfectly predictable or unchangable. I certainly am not! What I really dislike specifically is a person who says one thing and does another. I also dislike people who have a problem with telling the truth and who fail to honor their promises. There are other personality defects that I have a problem with, but these are the biggies. As for what I like, well I am quite flexable and openminded. I enjoy the discovery of the multitude of hues in the human spectrum! :)

Dr O2 said...

well what hurts me is people who are so friendly in your presence & you treat them like friends, help them in any given situation, even sacrifice your own goods for theirs & yet you find out they have always faked a friendship & have been stabbing you in the back since the very beginning. I never knew such people could exist.(at least it wasn' written in our textbooks!) yet when you see it with your own eyes... yayks; you better not see it in your lifetime!

HAVING TWO WHOLELY DIFF FACES AT THE SAME TIME!!?? well I can only imagine of monsters.

P.S: yeah everybody changes in time which is totally natural but a person who has a diff face according to whom he is with is ABSURD, DISGUSTING...

54 color-pencils actually refers to changing colors of one's charecter in accord to the situation.

Moral: Avoid Zebras of Rainbow stripes! the disease might be contagious.

Kimia said...

There are two types. Some people are unstable, they just don't know what they want, who they are and what they are capable of! That's why they break their promise, or they seem to be lier. The other group are people who change their color often only because they try so hard to sell themselves with a higher price in the "market". They ignore the fact that it is not an everlasting price. I personaly prefer the second group if I had choose one!

singleton said...

personally I think you can never change your true colors.... it's all those little creeps toting masks in their pockets that bug me out! They pull out different faces like life is just a masguerade ball...and then in the end, whine, because no one really knows them at all....Wow! I didn't mean to rant....you got me going!loveit!