Friday, June 16, 2006

Safe home tonight (part 1)

I am exhausted honey.
Have just spent a great deal of energy
pushing the button to launch the Cruise.
I am not suffering from PTSD though
It was just another ordinary day
A safer day for humanity
Less O2-H2O consumers my dear
A better day for Rex, Tommy & all other pets.

Play me the piano or the violin ma cherie.
Hand me a pack of Marlboro Lights in the bedroom & a can of refreshing Coke s'il te plait.
No Pepsi but Coke
Not due to it’s fame although it clears my burning tears
Nor due to disappointing Beyonce or Jennie
But for the fact that it’s can is red
Red like diamonds, red like oil or perhaps as red as gold, Red like…
I am not suffering from PTSD though, no I am not.
It was just another ordinary day...


Dew Drops said...

u sure u don't need any counselling for PTSD??

Em said...


U gettin poetic ey!

David said...

Doctor, doctor, you know what those cigarettes are doing to your body! Long ago, I smoked for a short time. It was almost unbelievable how fast I became an addict! It took me more than a year and a lot of nicotine gum to quit. I managed to kick my soft drink habit a few years ago too. I'm a fruit juice man now. ;)

Glad you are not suffering from PTSD! I think you need a relaxing and therapeutic massage from that beautiful nurse you are going to start seeing! :D

Behrooz said...

After reading this post I think I have that PTSD! What Should I do next?

Dr O2 said...

dew drops - hmmmm... is it this clear ;-)

em - somewhat shocked by what is passing around the world.

david - me never smoke cigars :-) just a symbol here. This post is on the negligence of the world towards innocent lives.

Behrooz - well the next step is visitin a psychiatrist. We can go together if U want ;-)

Spooky Witch said...

It seems you're going through a hard time,Doc.
Hey doc,you want to see my shrink?

David,every time you have sex it increases your life by 10 minutes,each cigarrete shortens your life for 5 minutes.
So the fucking smoker never dies!
(I know I should have posted a somehow poetic comment here but I was in no mood for that,so this comment is so UN-poetic of me.)

Dr O2 said...
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Dr O2 said...

spooky - lol. Well the post is not poetic really! I was in rage somewhat but the feeling of not being able to change things got the better of me :-S

N well I don know abt the first part coz it ain't medically approved but the second surely shortens life ;-)

mariamusic said...

Hi Dr. O2
those are substances most schizophrenics use, cigarette and soda, and gotta add coffee to the list . But they are already under treatment I suppose.

David said...

Glad you are free of the demon tobacco, Doc! :) I wish the world was much less negligent too!

Hi Spooky, I haven't had a cigarette for years, but I haven't had sex for...well, its been a while. I guess I will have to try and have sex more often. ;) Btw, its ok be UN-poetic some of the time. :)

Dr O2 said...

Mariamusic - sometimes the best treatment is no-treatment ;-) when the trigger remains, treatments fail...

David - yeah I never actually smoked Cigars. But ocasionally Hooka with friends :-D Anyways the med staff know best but they care less I don know why. Most of my colleagues are HEAVY smokers!!

David said...

I wonder what kind of "weed" you are smoking in your Hooka? ;)

I knew a lot of Japanese and Korean students in college. Most of them smoked. When I visited South Korea, most people smoked there too. The American tobacco companies are having a tough time selling their cancer sticks in the U.S., but they have been very busy addicting the rest of the world!

Dr O2 said...

:-D well I don know what they put inside!! but since it is seldom... well bad friends mislead people :-D

Most people smoke but the ones who don't are not safe as passive smokers are also categorised under high risk people!!

Kimia said...

You posts are getting harder and harder for me to understand :) take less Hooka, you will hallucinate less, Doc. Sometimes it's like a mystery for me which keeps my brain working <:)

Dr O2 said...

Kimia - well I know my hallucinations are getting more frequent more complicated :-S will have to take more medication :-) I haven' been to a Hookabar in 2 months now :-D Maybe that's the reason!? ;-)